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Tieke van't Lansink Crown + Sport


Sire: Mintse 384 Sport x Brandus 345 Sport

From stam 103 

Dam: Wieteke L.

is a ster + PREFERENT mare by Brandus 345.  

Wieteke's dam Karin S. is a PREFERENT mare by Tsjomme 329.


Tieke is an amazing mare to say the least!  

Saddle and harness trained, she was awarded Crown mare in 2012.  She is a four time first premium ster mare.  With that she was invited to participate in the Central Mare Keuring in Dracten 2013.  

Tieke was very impressive on the night and we are very exited to be able to bring this top quality mare to Australia. 

4 x First Premium

Tieke was presended as a 5 month old foal in Ambt-Delden and received a first premium. Then as a three year old in 2009 was awarded ster with a second premium.  


Presented in Blauwhuis in 2010 she was awarded a first premium. In Dracten later that year she was awarded Crown. 


In Kootwijk 2011 she was again awarded a frist premium and was also awarded day Champion!  That same year Tieke also achieved her sport predicate in Dressage show driving. 

Tieke foaled a beautiful filly to studbook stallion Bartele 472 on the 25/7/2014 - Called Tetske N. van Wallbrook. Tetske now resides in NSW with Tashkent Friesians.  She was presented at the 2019 Keuring tour and was awarded the STER PREDICATE! 

In 2016 Tieke foaled a big healthy colt to Foalbook stallion Braggo Sport + Elite (now known as BASTIAAN 510) - Boudewijn N. van Wallbrook was presented at our National 2017 Keuring tour and was awarded a FIRST PREMIUM!  He was given an 7.5 for type, 7 for frame, 7 for development , 7 for war and 7.5 for trot.  He now resides with his new owner in QLD. 

In 2018 Tieke foaled a magnificent colt by PREFERENT stallion BEART 411.  We presented Griffin N. van Wallbrook at the 2019 National keuring tour and he was awarded a FIRST PREMIUM!! 

Griffin was given an 8 for Type, 8 for frame, 8 for feet & Legs, 7 for walk and 7 for trot!


Tieke van't Lansink a.jpg

Tieke pictured above at the Central Mare Keuring 2013


Tieke in the Netherlands prior to import to Australia

Boudewin van Wallbrook

Tieke pictured above with Boudewijn N. van Wallbrook Keuring 2017

Griffin van Wallbrook

Tieke above with Griffin N. van Wallbrook Keuring 2019

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