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Great foals come from incredible mares

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Our mares are very special and all have something very different to offer. They are chosen not only for their magnificent pedigree's but their temperament.  We firmly believe that the mare is the most important part of creating great offspring.



Impreza van de Hondshoeve

(Imp - Model Mare)

Wallbrook Stud is extremely proud to add this magnificent mare to the herd.  Impreza  van de Hondshoeve is impressive to say the least......

Olivia D van Wallbrook


Olivia D van Wallbrook

(3rd Premium mare)

Olivia is a 3rd premium main studbook mare.  We imported her dam Neeltje van Weelde from the Netherlands.  Neeltje is a daugher from the one.....



Lagonda van Wallbrook

(2019 filly)

Lagonda was bred and born at Wallbrook. She is still a baby but will be retained by us.  We are sure she is destined for greatness like her mum. 

Tieke van't Lansink


Tieke van't Lansink

(Imp - Crown +Sport Mare)

Tieke is an amazing mare to say the least!  Saddle and harness trained, she was awarded Crown mare in 2012.  She is a four time first premium ster mare....

Teske van Berkley.jpg


Teske van Berkley

(3rd Premium mare)

Teske is residing at Wallbrook and is co-loved by her breeder Monique at Berkley Friesians. Teske had an injury as a young horse and has been retained to do....



The Matriachs of Wallbrook

(A view of our history)

A worthy mention goes to all our original mares - not pure bred Friesian, but all selected for their type, temperament and movement. 



Tsjarda v.d Louise Maria Hoeve

(Imp - Ster Mare)

Tsjarda is a beautiful ster daughter of the exotic Friesian stallion Epke 454. Tsjarda is a multi talented mare that scored a 77 on her ridden IBOP and is also harness trained.

Elza Van Gelder


Elza van Gelder

(1st Premium filly)

Elza and her sister were presented by her owner.   I knew, once she did her run she was very special indeed.   I made a call to my husband and we asked to....

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