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About us...

Lee and I live on a small farm about half an hour from Devonport, Tasmania.  We have owned our farm since 1998 – the same year we were married. When we purchased it,  it was very run down and deffinately not horse safe.  We spent the first two years just cleaning up all the rubbish.  Now its a horse friendly farm with safe fencing, spacious paddocks, safe yards and green grass. We share it with our beautiful dogs and our treasured horses.

I have been involved in horse all my life; my grandfather had a team of draught horses on the rugged West Coast of Tasmania where he pulled logs for the mining industry.  We grew up with horses and my mum had a grey Anglo Arab called Ringo and as kids we shared him,  an Appy gelding called Zeb and a black quarter horse colt called Huon Andy. 

Lee wasn’t really into horses, he had a boat and was a fisherman!  Reimke arrived in late 1997 as a cheeky 7 month old filly.  I could do anything with her but she just did not like Lee.  It was all very frustrating because he would get crabby at my so called "feral part bred" Friesian filly and wanted me to sell her.  But I knew it wasn’t her that was the problem.  In frustration I gave him the Monty Roberts book – The man who listens to horses.  Lee was not a big reader, and much to my amazement he did not put this book down! As a result and unknown to me he ventured down to her paddock one day and did join up with her.  To his great surprise it worked!  And from that moment he has not looked back.  He then borrowed a copy of Pat Parelli’s Natural horsemanshop book.  We met Pat at a clinic in Launceston and watched his demonstrations, and to say the leaset Lee was hooked. In all his excitement Lee went and looked at a part Waler mare and didn’t even take her for a ride, he said she was pretty and brought her home.

Lil was pretty, but wow….she had been ridden in draw reins and was maniac.  No brakes, and all over the place like a shopping trolley and only knew go, and go faster.  But possessing a natural ability to work well with horses, and mentoring from a great horseman, Philip Nye and of course a lot of dedication and understanding they worked it out and taught each other so much.  Since then Lee’s horses have increased – he had Warmblood mare, Daisy and worked with her in natural horsemanship, and doing some one day events and dressage.   I brought him an untouched colt for him to play with – I though it would  help polish his handling skills :)  Zak was unbroken, just gelded and not very trusting of humans at all. Anyway three years later they were competing in Endurance, barefoot and bridleless.  Zak was the second qualified barefoot endurance horse in Tasmania.

Lee trims all our horses with the barefoot trim and use to have over 50 clients that he trims for also,  he is now a level 2 Equine touch student and all our horses benefit from this. He also starts horses under saddle and works with horses that need help with floating, re-starting or what ever else needs fixing. 

Me on the other hand have been immersing myself in learning.  From breeding/foaling to feeding and to trying to learn all there is to know about Friesians.  Even before I owned a Friesian I attended a Friesian Horse seminar in South Australia.  Two well respected Friesian horse trainers came from Holland to help educate Australian Friesian horse owners to prepare their horses for a Keuring.  It was an amazing amount of information to learn.  I have attended the first and second Victorian Keurings, and helped prepare horses for this in Victoria.  Visited heaps of studs around Australia and looked at hundreds of Friesians here.  I have been a member of the Australian Friesian Horse Society for many years and have held board positions.  I have studied the bloodlines in Australia and have a great knowledge of who’s who with Friesians.  I recently returned from Holland where I visited lots of studs, viewed many Friesian stallions and attended the amazing Friesian horse mare show.   

I think the first highlight for us was organising the first Friesian Horse keuring for Tasmanian  in 2006.  Kestrels performance was always a little bit of a concern to me as when she was a yearling she chipped a bone in her fetlock.  Although we had the chip removed she had scar tissue and to look at her fetlock it was slightly enlarged.  Then about a month prior to the keuring she jumped a gate!  But all the hard work in preparing her paid off as she was awarded ster and day champion.  It is truly a dream come true for my first Friesian foal purchase to be awarded this. It was a dream to see that huge mare float around the arena looking like she owned the world. 

So the future for us is to produce superior quality horses. 

Provide for them to the best of our ability and prepare them for new owners in a way that is simply the best for the horse.   

I continue to read, watch and absorb everything Friesian and have imported some beautiful mares that are producing magnificent offspring.  I have completed three judging courses in the Netherlands and attended mare shows and stallion central keurings.  Always trying to increase my knowledge and share with others.


Proud Achievements for Wallbrook

* Reimke winning Grand Supreme Led exhibit - Tas all breeds 2001.

* Brining the first Pure Friesian horse to Tasmania - Ulrika.

* Purchasing Kestrel TK - Australias only Abe 346 filly.

* Bringing to Tasmania the first Pure Friesian stallion - Eitsje.

* Kestrel being presented at Tasmanias first keuring and getting ster.

* Kestrel being awarded day champion at the keuring and being Australias First born Ster mare.

* Purchasing two pure fillies, one being the only progeny in Australia from FPS studbook stallion Bente 412.

* The birth of our first Pure Friesan foal - Wallbrook Aristo, born New Years day 2008.

* Remus wins Supreme 2yo, Supreme of Supremes & Best of show Tas bred at A.P.S.B Youngstock show, March 2008.

* Remus wins Champion Junior Friesian and Supreme Youngstock at Tas Pintos Allbreeds, April 2008.

* Importation of a Ster mare by Jasper from Holland - Neeltje van Weelde

*Our first attempt at Frozen semen brings us a beautiful filly from Kestrel by Onne 376.

* Imported Australia's only CROWN + SPORT Friesian mare - Tieke van't Lansink

* Importation of another quality CROWN mare - Impreza van de Hondshoeve

*Attending the KFPS Level 1, 2 & 3 Friesian Horse judging course in the Netherlands

*Three first premium ribbons for our horses at the 2017 ANZFHS Tasmanian Keuring

*Impreza awarded Day Champion and her daughter awarded Reserve Day Champion of the Tasmanian Keuring 2017

*Impreza declared MODEL mare and SUPREME CHAMPION of Australia and New Zealand.

*Two first premium colts, two Ster mares in the 2019 Keuring tour - all bred by WALLBROOK STUD.

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