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Impreza van de Hondshoeve


Sire: Maurus 441+ Sport

World champion Friesian stallion in 2009 at the KFPS Stallion Keuring. Many times Dutch harness champion, Maurus has great use of his hind legs which he does pass on to his offspring.

Dam: Nynke M.A  Ster + Preferent

was a beautiful Mare by Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent.  Nynke was awarded Preferent status in 2017.  Her seven offspring have earned her his honour with five being awarded ster or better. Impreza’s half sister (x Wylster) is now a Crown mare.

Wallbrook Stud imported Impreza as a crown mare in 2015 and we are extremely proud to add this magnificent mare to the herd.  Impreza  van de Hondshoeve is impressive to say the least.  She has the looks and movement to prove that she is truly worthy of her MODEL predicate.  She is a 15th generation mare from stam line 002 which to date, has produced 13 approved Studbook stallions.

As a foal she was awarded a 2nd premium. Presented again as a three year old in August 2013 where she received a 1st premium and was invited to attend the Central Mare Keuring in Drachten the following month.  Impreza continued to impress and was awarded provisional Crown.  In November 2014 she successfully completed an IBOP with a total of 78 points which earned her that prestigious title of CROWN mare. Pretty amazing result for a five year old. Only two months after weaning her beautiufl filly, Impreza was presented at the Tasmanian KFPS Keuring, March 2017.  

She was awarded a first premium and Day Champion.  She was then asked back for consideration for MODEL which she was awarded.  There are only 5 other Model mares in Australia and Impreza is the first for her sire Maurus 441 and the first in Australian keuring history to be awarded Model.

  • 2015 - Impreza foaled a beautiful filly by Hette 481. Hette is a son of the famous 3 times World champion KFPS Stallion Norbert 444.  Her name is as unique as her dam. 'You Love Bozorg' was presented in October and received a 1st Premium, a magnificent filly with beautiful movement, balance and elasticity.  Because of this beautiful combination Impreza was again bred back to Hette 481 for a 2016 foal. You Love Bozorg received the STER PREDICATE in 2018 when presented in Europe. 

  • 2016 Impreza gave birth to another magnificent filly.  Celieka van Wallbrook was persented as an 8 month old weanling at the March Keuring and awarded a first premium and Reserve champion of the day. In 2019, at only 2.5 years old, she was presented at the Tasmanian keuring. Celieka received the STER PREDICATE.  That makes Impreza already half way to PREFERENT!

At the conclusion of the Keuring Tour - Impreza was declared AFHS 2017 Keuring Tour Australian and New Zealand SUPREME CHAMPION.  An amazing result for an amazing mare and we are so very proud to have her with us.

  • 2018 her first colt was born, a beautiful son of Preferent stallion TSJALLE 454.  We presented Grandus van Wallbrook at the Tasmanian 2019 keuring.  He was awarded a FIRST PREMIUM! and top off the day he was also awarded RESERVE DAY CHAMPION.  His card was very impressive with an 8 for racial type, 7 for frame, 7.5 for feet & legs, 6 for walk, and a super high 8 for trot.  We have high expectations for this magnificent colt and are sure he will make ster.

  • Impreza has had a beautiful daughter to Tsjalle 454 Sport + PREFERENT - December 2019.  Could this be the filly that makes Impreza a MODEL + PREFERENT mare?

Impreza a.jpg

Celieka van Wallbrook & her dam Impreza


Grandus van Wallbrook

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