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Some kind words from the new owner's of Wallbrook Babies.





"I have known Nadeen and Lee Davis since the inception of Wallbrook Stud when, despite the distance from NSW to Tasmania we managed to visit each other in order to indulge our shared of love of our magnificent Friesians and photography. Since then I have watched as Nadeen has grown to be a fount of expert knowledge, through her dedication to learning and observation of Friesians all around the world. From Australia to South Africa, the Netherlands to Mexico she has sought out the bests breeders and trainers to observe and learn from.  She has developed an expert eye which she has proven not just in selecting her own horses, but also in helping others find mares and stallions of fantastic quality.


In the early days, I sold Nadeen my first foal imported in utero and a few years ago the pendulum swung the other way and when I needed a new mare  I bought a weanling, Tetske N van Wallbrook, from Nadeen. Tetske is a tribute not just to Nadeen’s ability to pick and breed horses with great conformation and ability (Tetske, newly broken in, went Star at her Keuring in 2019 and scored a 75 in her IBOP) but also of temperament. I have ceased breeding in 2020 but cannot part with Tetske who is going to be my riding horse from now on. Her gentle nature and desire to learn make her an ideal companion for me."  Lynn Jenkin - New South Wales - Owner of Tetske N. van Wallbrook.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Nadeen and Lee and the passion and commitment they bring to breeding exceptional quality, carefully selected, breathtaking Friesians. Nadeen's wide knowledge, experience and understanding goes into every foal, to ensure that her pairings combine the most desirable and unique characteristics and breed traits of established and emerging Studbook horses. Both Nadeen and Lee strive to match their horses with the humans who will ensure the best possible partnership and journey. My Wallbrook foal combines the best from both sire and dam in movement, appearance and temperament as well as meeting my needs for a prospective high performing para-equestrian horse. Nadeen's search to combine unique and rich bloodlines produces exceptional potential sport horses. Griffin van Walbrook is my dream horse, offspring of Beart 411 and bred to perform. His gestation, birth and care right up until he arrived in my paddock was exceptional. I was regularly updated on progress, key development markers, personality and anecdotes of his adventures. Wallbrook's careful nutrition schedule and health monitoring and maintenance and Lee's ability to work sensitively with all of their young stock, meant Griff arrived well handled, respectful, willing, kind, resilient and brave after the long haul from Tassie to Clare. Transport arrangements from Tasmania to South Australia were handled very, very carefully and timed to make the trip the best possible and the least stressful for my young gelding. I am absolutely elated with Griffin, whose curiosity, intelligence, gentle yet bold temperament and modern movement but classic lines owes a huge debt to Nadeen's breeding selection. He combines the best of both racial types and is quickly becoming an eye-catching and unique boy. Nadeen has made my dream a reality. 🖤 Naomi Betts - South Australia - Owner of Griffin van Wallbrook. 


"I first met Wilem when he was 4 months old, and it was love at first sight.  He was everything I had ever wanted in a horse and was the ultimate, but never regretted, impulse buy.  Six years later I couldn't be happier, he's calm and reliable, also clever and funny.  He is fun to ride; respectful, reliable and eager to please.  After his dressage session he happily pulls a harrow around the arena, or we have some fun with his tricks such as Spanish Walk, bow and lie down.  I just love him to bits.
Nadeen and Lee are wonderful people, and their standard of horse care and attention to detail is 5-star.  I have peace of mind that the mares and foals at Wallbrook have received correct nutrition, essential for avoiding leg problems later on.  Wilem has been handled from birth, and I was so glad NOT to be buying an untouched foal that had been taught to lead 5 mins before the truck arrived.  If you want a beautiful, friendly and confident horse I recommend Wallbrook stud"  Jill, Tasmania ~ Owner of Wallbrook Wilem.

“When contemplating a move to Tasmania from the mainland three and a half years ago, I went on-line on the offchance I could find a Friesian or Friesian-cross horse in the state.I found Nadeen at Wallbrook Stud. She had foals for sale and impressed with the pictures she e-mailed me and her philosophy on breeding I bought two on-line. After visiting my babies, I was so taken with their natures and obvious good handling I bought another. I have since sold the filly on, but the two geldings who are now ready to start under saddle have fulfilled a long held dream of owning and sharing the lives of such beautiful animals. Lee and Nadeen have given me constant support, with Lee barefoot trimming the boys every six weeks ( as well as a few refreshers in manners ) and Nadeen always on the end of the phone to help with any crisis. I will be entrusting Lee with starting them both under saddle, and look forward to a long and happy relationship with both my magnificent horses and their caring breeders”  Lisa-Rose, Tasmania ~ Owner of Wallbrook Neo & Wallbrook Navarre.

"From my first visit to Wallbrook Stud I was impressed by their professionalism and genuine love and respect for their horses. The Wallbrook foals approached us in the paddocks, eager for that human contact. I had never experienced this level of trust before as we were complete strangers. All mares, whilst having lovely conformation, also had the best of temperaments. Thank you Lee and Nadeen for producing these well grounded, respectful and beautiful animals. I look forward to years of pleasure with my new best friend!" Nicole, Tasmania ~ Owner of Wallbrook Louka

"Anton has settled in very well. He is fully integrated into the herd now and he is a real smoocher and seems to just love everyone that comes to visit including the cat.  He is a real character and we all just love him. He is just so wonderful I can't describe how much I appreciate all the work you guys put in to producing such a treasure. He is without a doubt the best behaved foal I have ever encountered, and in my job that's saying something. I did his feet the other day and all I did was hang the rope over the fence and he was a dream.  He seems so happy, Thank you, thank you, thank you, I just love him. "Sylvie, Victoria  ~ Owner of Wallbrook Anton

"Thanks to Nadeen at Wallbrook Stud I found my dream horse. I couldn't find what I wanted in W.A so my search widened, I was very nervous about buying a horse interstate just from looking at photos and putting my trust in his breeder but he is everything she said he was and more. Nadeen helped make the transaction very smooth. So within 2 weeks of first talking to her, my beautiful Friesian Warmblood colt arrived. I am very happy with everything about him. Nadeen has been there for me whenever I have needed her help or advice since and is a genuine person to deal with. Thank-you Nadeen! Kerry" ~ Collie, Western Australia.  Owner of Wallbrook Aarden.

Once I realised my heart was set on a Friesian Warmblood I started to research where my dream horse might come from.  I did plenty of 'google' searches and I also joined a forum especially for FWB enthusiasts.  Top of my list of priorities were the normal things such as conformation, height, colour, but most of all temperament.  As my search unfolded a common statement repeated itself within the FWB world - that 'Nadeen at Wallbrook breeds beautiful foals'.  I browsed the Wallbrook site and quickly enquired about available foals.  I was in luck - Wallbrook Silas a young 3/4 gelding by Opaal (TB x Iepe) and the gorgeous purebred stallion Eitsje was available. Right from the first enquiry Nadeen at Wallbrook was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the whole process couldn't have been smoother. I was encouraged to visit Silas in Tasmania which I did - it was wonderful seeing him and meeting all the other stars of Wallbrook - and Nadeen also advised me on all aspects of how to arrange transport as well as answering any questions I had.  Regular updates and photos of Silas were provided right up till he was loaded on to the Tasmanian Horse Transport to make his journey to Brisbane. Silas arrived safe and sound and is growing well with the most beautiful temperament - I couldn't be happier. Should I be fortunate enough to purchase a pure bred Friesian foal in the future I will look no further than Wallbrook to make this dream come true. Carla ~ Brisbane, QLD. Owner of Wallbrook Silas.

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