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Wallbrook Zaretta

Sire: Kai (imp) Ster + Sport Friesian Stallion

Dam: Zintahn Adriadne 

50% Friesian Filly ( standing on the left. She is the one with the smaller star)


DOB: 17/11/2016

Wallbrook Zaretta is still a growing young lady.  She is taller than Zeetah and is the better mover of the two.  She is three this year, but still very immature.  

I bred four incredible Baroque Pinto's from Aria.  The last two we decided to keep to breed them to a Baroque Friesian, to keep the colour and increase the percentage of Friesian blood.  At all times maintaining a quality example. However, due to a refocus back to pure bred Friesians, I have decided to sell these gorgeous full sisters.

Their sire needs no introduction - he is incredible. A magnificent imported Friesian stallion, proven in exterior and athleticism. 

Their dam is a quirky Homozygous Pinto mare. Her sire being an Arabian and her dam of mixed blood including Thoroughbred and quarter horse.  Her foals are of outstanding quality with beautiful markings.

If black and white is your thing - there is a great opportunity to breed one of these lovely mares back to a Baroque Pinto to get a possible Homozygous foal.  This would be a very unique foal for anyone passionate about this up coming type, that is popular in Europe and the USA.


Their siblings, Zeus ZW and Wallbrook Za'hera both reside in NSW.  Zeus has done extremely well in the show ring winning at the Sydney Royal on two occasions.

M A K E  A N  E N Q U I R Y 


G A L L E R Y   

(c l i c k  t o  v i e w  f u l l  s i z e )

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