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Elza van Gelder


Dam: Raisa T. van de Noeste Hoeve - Ster (x Dries 421 Sport)

Sire: Jurre fan'e Gaestdyk - Ster Sport Elite (x Tsjalle 454 Sport Preferent)


B Book I Foal book filly


Elza came along a little by accident. 

I was looking for a gelding for a client and I accidentely clicked on her video via youtube.  I saw her movement and though she was very special.

As it turned out, I attended the South Australian 2019 Friesian Horse Keuring.  I watched with a lot of interest when Elza and her sister were presented by her owner. I knew, once she did her run she was very special indeed.   I made a call to my husband and we asked to buy her there and then!  She was awarded a first premium that day and was later awarded day champion for South Australia. 


Elza received fantastic comments from the KFPS jury that did the inspection.  Her movement is uphill and with great expression.  She carries herself with ease and a very proud way of going.I feel that she will be a definate candidate for ster when she is presented when we have our next KFPS Australian keuring tour.

Elza Van Gelder a.jpg
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