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Olivia D van Wallbrook

Dam: Neeltje van Weelde - Ster (x Jasper 366 Sport Elite + Preferent)

Sire: Maiko 373 Sport (x Tsjerk 328 Sport + Preferent)


Olivia is a 3rd premium main studbook mare.  We imported her dam Neeltje van Weelde from the Netherlands in 2008.  Neeltje is a daugher from the one and only Jasper 366 Sport Elite + Preferent stallion, otherwise known as the king. 


Neeltje was bred to Maiko 373, at that time he was the first studbook stallion to reside in Australia.  Olivia was the resultant foal, however, sadly she injured the internal structure of her hoof and has been retained by us. 

Olivia is a clever girl and did very well at her adult keuring, performing better than we expected with achieving a very good 3rd premium. 

Olivia is baroque in type, powerful and uses her hind quarters very well.  We expect with careful planning, that her future offspring will be even better.

Olivia D van Wallbrook.jpg
Olivia D van Wallbrook d.jpg
Olivia D van Wallbrook. jpg.jpg

Olivia and dam Neeltje van Weelde

Olivia D van Wallbrook foal.jpg

Olivia as a foal

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