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Past Mares of Wallbrook

Due to a change in our breeding direction, we have reduced our mare numbers to concentrate on just a select few super quality mares.  But taking nothing away from our earlier mares that helped put Wallbrook on the map as producing superior quality Friesians. 

Our first Friesian mare we purchased was a young filly from NSW, Kestrel TK.  Imported in Utero, A daughter from Abe 346 from a mare by Oltman, Kestrel arrived at Wallbrook as a 7 month old and she matured into a big solid type.  As a three year old Kestrel was presented at our Tasmanian Keuring and was awarded STER.  She received an amazing 8 for her Trot.  A kind, gentle giant with a heart of gold.  She produced for us Aristo van Wallbrook & Fenna van Wallbrook.

Our second mare was imported from the Netherlands, Neetje van Weelde.  Neeltje received her STER predicate in the Netherlands and produced for us some beautiful foals.  Her offspring were very much like her, sweet, quick learning and very pretty.  She now resides in Victoria. She produced Kyrus-Monique van Wallbrook & Olivia D. van Wallbrook.

Vanja and Vamke - both arrived as youngsters.  Vamke is now in South Australia and Vanja is with her original breeder in Victoria. Vanja made a very special foal for us, her first, who achieved STER status. Our First, Ster for Wallbrook,  Nenna-Monique van Wallbrook.

As hard as it is to part with these black beauties, we are so pleased that they have gone to loving homes that will continue to love and cherish these very special ladies.  They will go on to continue to produce beautiful babies who will be equally loved and adored.

At Wallbrook we do miss them, but we are excited by the future and the new adventure it will provide.  Stay tuned!

A worthy mention goes to all our original mares - not pure bred Friesian, but all selected for their type, temperament and movement.  They helped us establish our stud and made beautiful foals, specifically bred for those looking for a lovely, black horse!

Reimke - a beautiul 7/8th Friesian mare by Iepe Tj and her foals, Wallbrook Niobe, Wallbrook Jopie, Wallbrook Zander, Wallbrook Ennya.

Kayla's Midnight Opaal - 1/2 Friesian mare by Iepe Tj and her foals, Wallbrook Theo & Wallbrook Silas.

Mariah -  half Friesian mare by Dagho and her foals, Wallbrook Anton, Wallbrook Giselle, Wallbrook Marco, Wallbrook Gwenevere

Charlotte - a big strong Percheron cross and her babies, Wallbrook Wilem, Wallbrook Zidane & Wallbrook Neo.  

Molly -  a pretty jet black Quarter horse cross mare and her foals, Wallbrook Navarre & Wallbrook Jette,

Floortje -  a 3/4 Friesian mare and her foals, Wallbrook Linkin and Wallbrook Louka.

Aria - Pinto mare and her foals Zeus ZW, Wallbrook ZaHera & Wallbrook Zeetah and her half brother Wallbrook Dior.



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