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She started it all!

Reimke was a beautiful daughter of imported stallion Iepe Tj 7/8th Friesian mare. She was 7/8th Friesian blood and one of the first high % Friesian crosses in Australia. She arrived at Wallbrook as a weanling in 1998 and matured into a lovely mare.  

Reimke won MANY Champion ribbons - shown in breed shows accross Tasmania from the early age of one year old.  She impressed judges for years.

Awarded winner of the AFWHS high point trophy for two consecutive years and perhaps the highlight of her show career she took out Grand Supreme lead exhibit at the 2001 Tasmanian All breeds show.

Rem had been retired from breeding for several years, and was our resident baby sitter looking after the youngsters.  


Reimke produced some beautiful offspring and really is responsible for the start of our breeding program and success here at Wallbrook stud - she definately did start it all off for us. 

Sadly we lost Reimke on the 26th of April 2017. 


She will never be forgotten and will always be with us.  Rest in Peace our beautiful girl.

Reimke a.jpg

Grand Supreme Led Exhibit

Reimke b.jpg
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