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March 2017

Tasmanian Friesian horse keuring was a great success for Wallbrook Stud. 

Colt Boudewijn van Wallbrook received a 1st Premium

Weanling Celieka van Wallbrook received a 1st Premium

Olivia van Wallbrook is accepted into the adult studbook and received a 3rd Premium

Impreza van de Hondshoeve - imported Crown mare, received a 1st Premium and upgraded to MODEL!

Impreza was awarded Day Champion

Celieka van Wallbrook awarded Reserve Day Champion

Impreza also went on to win Australian and New Zealand SUPREME Overall Champion!


July 2016

Impreza gives birth to a beautiful filly by Hette.  We have called her Celieka. 


December 2015

Arrival of the beautiful Imported mare Impreza van de Hondshoeve to Wallbrook Friesian Horse stud. 

Impreza is in foal to Hette 481 and due July 2016.


April 2015

Tasmanian 2015 Keuring:  Home bred ster mare for Wallbrook:

Nenna-Monique van Wallbrook awarded  STER with a second premuim and Champion of the 2015 Tasmanian Keuring!

Now owned by Chris & Monique Thornley, Nenna was presented beautifully on the day. 

Another mare bred by us, the lovely Kyrus-Monique van Wallbrook was endered into the studbook and awarded a third premium.

Both mares received fantastic comments and we hope to see the return of Kyrus to the next keuring for an even better result!


July 2014

Australia's only CROWN + SPORT mare has had her foal!

Tieke fan't Lansink had a beautiful filly foal by studbook stallion Bartele.


December 2013

Australia's only CROWN + SPORT mare arrives in Tasmania:

Tieke fan't Lansink can call Wallbrook Stud home.  She is a an amazing mare and we are very proud to have this Friesian crown jewel with us.  Tieke is expecting and her foal will be born in June 2014.


November 2013

Foals created with loving care to be born in 2014:

Our beautiful mares Vanja and Neeltje both sucessfully AI'd to KAI.  


March 2013

Tasmanian 2011 Keuring:  More success for Wallbrook:

Our lovely yearling filly, Nenna-Monique van Wallbrook awarded a second premuim and Reserve Champion. 

Beautiful three year old Femke van Berkley  belonging to Chris & Monique Thornley was awarded ster and Day Champion.  

Our mare Fenna van Wallbrook was upgraded from foalbook and entered into the main studbook.

Baby Olivia van Wallbrook received a third premium. 

Kai was presented for renewal of his breeding permit. 


December 2012

New stallion for Tasmania

Berkley Friesian Horse stud has imported a super Onne son, Kai.  Kai has been awarded ster and also received the SPORT predicate.  See Kai here at 


September 2011

First baby for the season is born:

Neeltje van Weelde gave us a gorgeous filly from Tyrus fan Bosksicht (dec.)   Named in honour of her sire and his owner, Kyrus-Monique van Wallbrook is a beautiful filly with an extraodinary temperament.   


July 2011

RIP Tyrus fan Bosksicht:

Tragedy struck on the 2nd of July - sadly the beautiful stallion Tyrus was lost to a tragic accident. Sincere and heart felt condolences to our dearest freinds Chris & Monique Thornley.  Tyrus is missed terribly - no words can express how devistated we are to loose him.  

April 2011

Tasmanian 2011 Keuring:  Great success for Wallbrook:

Kestrel TK went on to prove her quality with her two daughters.  Fenna van Wallbrook, now a yearling (x Onne) foal book filly was awarded Reserve Champion. 

Her foal at foot, six month old Isis van Wallbrook by Foalbook stallion Hotse DV went on to be presented with Day Champion.  

Our mare Vanja was awarded a 3rd Premium and entered into the studbook.  We are very proud of our Friesians!  

Berkley Friesian Stud's beautiful yearling filly Femke (x Beart) was awarded with a 2nd premium. 

November 2010

Three mares inseminated by Nadeen at Wallbrook stud in 2010 have all produced fillies! 

Three mares were also inseminated on site for 2011 foals.

Neetlje van Weelde has been successfully inseminated to Tyrus (imported ster stallion) as has been Vanja and Aria. 

July 2010

Remus & Aria's son Zeus ZW wins his first show and goes onto win champion.  On his second outing he not only wins but also gets supreme at the NSW foals show.  See pictures of this outstanding foal on Remus's update page.

January 2010

We are devisted to report that our beautiful Onne filly Freja has been lost due to colic and we cannot express how sad we are to have a farm with no Freja - its just not the same here. She was such a happy and beautiful girl and is missed terribly.

December 2009

Ster mare Meinoedske from Berkley Friesian horse stud has had a beautiful filly foal by Beart 411.  Our vet is very pleased with his results of two fillies from two attempts at frozen semen!

Kestrel has been successfully bred to Imported Ster stallion Hotse DV via chilled semen.  Hotse is one of only three stallions in Australia with the sports predicate.  Hotse achieved this with his excellent performances in Holland doing dressage.

October 2009

Berkley Friesian horse stud import Ster stallion Tyrus fan Boksicht. Congratulations Monique and Chris! I know how much work we put into finding this magnificent example of the modern Friesian horse.  Photos of Tyrus can be seen here:  Tyrus has been granted a breeding permit by the KFPS.

Wallbrooks Ster mare Kestrel TK has foaled a beautiful filly.  Fenna van Wallbrook will be retained by Wallbrook stud.  We are very happy to have the only two Foals currenlty born in Australia from Onne 376 - and very lucky for them both to be FILLIES!

June 2009

Remus wins the ANZFHS high point award for 'Showing in Hand'.

March 2009

Wallbrooks Imported mare by Jasper has foaled a magnificent Filly by Dutch Champion Friesian stallion, Onne.  Named Freja van Wallbrook, she is the first ever Filly foal from Onne born in Australia and the second only offspring of this stallion in Australia.

Tasmanian Keuring time!   An amazing total of 11 Friesians presented!

Results are:

Cees (x Hilwert) bb1 colt 3rd premium
Anneke (x Hilwert) bb1 filly 2nd Premium and Reserve Champion

Marjonne - (x Iepe) not upgraded stays in BB1 Foalbook
Pietje Caspara - (x Reitse) BB1 Studbook no premium
Pheabea (x Lammert) - BB1 Studbook no premium

Tamke Black Diamond (x Sape) - Studbook Ster 2nd Premium - Day Champion
Gealtje Giske (x Nanning) - remains in BB1 Studbook received 3rd premium

Valiant (x Iepe) - Not ster
Remus van Berkley (x Tije) - Not ster ~ but received very good comments and just missed out on ster
Marten fan Skarren - presented for retaining breeding permit.

Photos of the Keuring can be seen here

December 2008

Ster mare's, Wallbrook's Kestrel TK confirmed in foal via frozen semen to Onne 376 and  Berkley Friesian Horse stud's Meinoedske DV in foal to Beart 411.

November 2008

Welcome to Tasmania - Marten fan Skarren.  Imported by Rosedale Stud.Congratulations to Chris & Julie!

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